Forwarding Gmail emails to multiple email accounts

16 Nov

Some years ago I created a joint Gmail account for my wife and I and set it up so that it forwarded emails to each of our personal accounts by setting up two filters; one filter which looked for the @ symbol in the from address (which translates to from:(@) if you were searching Gmail directly) and forwarded matches to my personal account, and a second filter which looked for the same thing but forwarded matches to my wife’s personal account.

It wasn’t until recently that we discovered that some emails were not being forwarded from our joint account to our personal accounts and since we never really logged into our joint account we were oblivious to these emails.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to uncover why some emails were not being forwarded, but I’ve modified the filters to something I believe will more reliably match all incoming emails. In both of the filters, I now set the Doesn’t have field to some obscure text that should never appear in an email e.g. fdfjdlkfjdslkfjdsjflkds (which translates to -fdfjdlkfjdslkfjdsjflkds if you were searching Gmail directly) and no longer search for anything in the from address.

I’m hoping this will prove a reliable means of forwarding emails that arrive in our joint Gmail account to our individual email accounts. Watch this space…!

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